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In 3 steps you will learn how your business stacks up to your competition.

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Compare your business to your industry competitors.

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Map your customers, competitors, suppliers.



Find best places to target your next advertising campaign.


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Make smarter decisions through data with SizeUp and learn the answers to the burning questions that keep every business owner and aspiring entrepreneur up at night.

How do I compare?

Find out how you measure up to the rest of the competition in your industry. Learn more.

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Where are my customers?

See the locations of potential customers, suppliers, and competitors. Learn more.

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Where should I advertise?

Invest your advertising budget in the right place. Learn more.

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How is my business performing?

SizeUp shows you how you measure up to the competition in your industry. If you are just thinking about starting up a business, SizeUp will tell you whether your projections are reasonable considering your market.

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Get your scorecard

Determine what percent of businesses you are outperforming in your industry. See if your score places you in the top or bottom for revenue, size, salaries, and more.

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Map the best performing areas around you

See where the typical business owner in your industry near you is doing best. This may help you determine where to expand into a new location, or where to target a marketing campaign.

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Get recommendations

We don't just show you data, we show you how to look at the information and how to make better decisions based on data. Consider us your business intelligence sherpas.

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Where are my customers, competitors, and suppliers?

Find your potential customers, competitors, and suppliers in order to make strategic decisions.


Where is your business's sweet spot?

SizeUp can help you find where your customers are and your competitors are not. You can easily key in on neighborhoods or corridors where there are a lot of potential customers, but few or no competitors. Learn more.


Discover new customers and suppliers

You may have great future customers and suppliers nearby you that you didn't know were there. Discover where they are so you can grow your business. Learn more.

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